A Leaking roof is the last thing anyone needs, especially as the typical British weather takes hold in these colder months. Prevention is better than the cure many would say and so taking a little time out to keep your roof maintained is certainly a good idea.

Here at Premier Roofing, we offer a whole range of Roof Service, Repair and Maintenance options so if in doubt then please get in touch.

Prevention is better than the cure! A little TLC each year will help your roof last longer!

Many repair calls can actually be prevented with regular maintenance and precautions taken. We often find however that most people take their roof for granted and neglect to keep up with a regular care schedule. We recommend of course that people should leave certain roof maintenance and repairs to the experts as of course it means working at heights and often requires specialist skills – so in these instances you really should call a reputable roofing company and let the experts take care of things for you.

Here are some great examples of roofing repairs that ended up costing the client a lot more than it would had they kept up with some basic roofing maintenance.

Flooded Rooftop:

A flooded rooftop was seeping water down due to intended water exit points on the rooftop being closed off (perhaps by in-house facilities maintenance that was unawares of the purpose) that should have been left open. When things such as Gutters and Downpipes around the perimeter of a roof get blocked, this can lead to water not draining away. The consequence in this case was that the felt roof over time deteriorated must faster than it should have done had the water been able to drain away properly.


Damaged Downpipe:

Water was not able to drain as normal due to a crumpled downspout at the exit point from a vehicle that must have smashed it.  Combined with foliage that got collected in the downspout in pouring rains and a closed exit point, excess water was building up on a roofing system that was not intended to hold the weight nor water mass and thus leaked down into various points in the building.


Glenn Milner, Director of Premier Roofing thought it would be really useful to collate some top tips for helping keep your roof in tip top condition. These were identified as good reminders for regular maintenance which could be passed along to your facilities maintenance staff to keep them “aware” of how small things can be done to help prevent problems happening in the first place. Check out the guide below….