One of the things we love about the nature of our business is the fact that rarely are two days the same. We get the opportunity to meet a whole spectrum of clients from various industries as we go about our Commercial Roofing services.

We were recently called by Stratstone BMW as they had several problems with their roof which needed swift attention. They are a super busy car dealership selling a fabulous range of cars and so it was really important that when a problem with their roof was identified – we supported them swiftly and professionally and endeavoured to do so with little disruption.

The Stratstone building has been around for a long time now and so it is inevitable that problems will occur eventually – their problem was leaking in a few areas and various bits of damage caused by mother nature and the elements. Nothing was too tasking to be honest but the project did require a high level of skill by trained operatives of a scissor lift in order to gain good access to the area which needed repair.

We worked swiftly and to the agreed timescale as previously agreed with the client – and Premier Roofing were able to provide a service the client was most happy with.

If you have a commercial roofing project coming up in the Yorkshire or Lincolnshire region then we would love to be given the opportunity to provide advice and a free no obligation quotation.  Just give us a call and one of our friendly team will arrange a free consultation.